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That's one smart move

That's one smart move

When you know your home is going to be on the market soon, it’s a good idea to begin downsizing material goods to make the sale and packing process easier.

Bird’s Moving & Storage planners advise it is smart, when possible, to have your home “staged,” so prospective buyers can visualize themselves moving right in.

This can be done in a few different ways:

* You, the homeowner, can consult with your real estate expert to come up with a list of items to remove. These may include personal items, photographs, trophies, toys and seasonal items not presently in use. You do the packing and storing of goods yourself.

* Use the services of a staging firm, which may store some of your furniture, declutter, pack and store items so your home appears ready for new owners to just pick up the keys. Such firms often ask to redecorate in neutral colours and bring in some of their own furniture, which adds to the cost of this service.

* Approach Bird’s Moving for a free, no-strings-attached quote for a service we offer: Pre-moving day storage of packed goods to allow you to stage your home, showing it to its best advantage. Ask us about supplying packing materials as well.

Bird’s Moving offers warehousing facilities in our St. Catharines compound, where your belongings can be safely stored, in a secure private access semi climate controlled warehouse. Our compound is protected by a commercial security system, monitored around the clock off site.

Bird’s Moving can even arrange for a team to come help you with the packing of items to be removed for staging. Then, when moving day rolls around, we can simply transfer your goods from our compound to your new home.

If you’re ready to declutter and depersonalize your home for staging before dropping that “for sale” sign on the lawn, we’re here to help!

To obtain a quote for pre-moving day packing, storage and staging, give our office a call at 905-682-2646. Or, reach us via the contact page on our website, at http://www.birdsmoving.com/contact-us