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So, you inherited your Granny's what?

So, you inherited your Granny's what?

Heirlooms are wonderful things, connecting us to our pasts and keeping them alive for the future.

The word itself may mean different things to different people: For some, it could mean valuable antiques; for others, smaller items as simple as Mom’s books or Dad’s tools. They may be small, but they all have meaning for your family. When it comes to larger heirlooms, like furniture or Granny’s piano, some families run into a problem: Storage space.

At Bird’s Moving and Storage, we know how difficult it is to keep from overflowing our living spaces. For folks in apartments, it’s especially difficult: Lockers are tiny and get quickly filled with out-of-season clothing boxes, decorations and memorabilia.

Some people opt to use their basements or garage for storage; while this keeps items like heirlooms close at hand, it’s not ideal. Fluctuating temperatures; dampness; damage from rodents or insects; theft – you could be subjecting your precious inherited items to some or all of the above damage.

There’s a better solution, though: Off-site storage, in temperature-controlled, secure, immaculate conditions. What if you could pick up the phone, and ask for a quote for monthly storage from Bird’s Moving and Storage?

You can!

For the past 30 years, Bird’s has maintained our 15,600 square feet of storage facilities in immaculate conditions, led by a team of experts that includes our original warehouseman. This team really knows its craft. Technological developments in alarm systems and security have offered improvements to our storage facilities, which are enclosed in a compound protected by perimeter security, monitored 24 hours a day. If you require assistance packing up your heirlooms, Bird’s has teams for that, too. But once your precious items arrive at our warehouse, they are placed into enclosed storage pallets. All furniture items are padded with quilted blankets and stored on pallets, too.

Upon Pickup, a complete inventory of your items for storage is performed, so you’ll know exactly what went in and the condition of that item when it’s time to move it out.

What if you suddenly feel the need to bring some of your heirlooms home? If something small is being removed from your inventory, access to your items is available by appointment. Just call the office, and we’ll give you some access to warehouse pricing and set up a time to get it all done! When you are ready to bring it all home, we can do that, too! Your goods will be moved out and delivered to your new home when you are ready to receive them.

If you are fortunate enough to have inherited Granny’s piano – or Mom’s books or Dad’s tools – but you haven’t got a place to store your heirlooms, give us a call! Bird’s Moving and Storage offers up our warehouse as a temporary home to your heirlooms, protecting your inheritance until you have the space to bring it home.

For a free, no-strings-attached quote for transporting and storing your inherited heirlooms, give the Bird’s Moving and Storage office a call at 905-682-2646. Or just message us!

We’re Bird’s Moving & Storage: Giving precious heirlooms a temporary home for the past 30 years.