Young Family with Young Boy Unpacking Essentials
The kitchen is one of the trickiest spaces to pack when faced with a move. This blog offers some tips that will help you to get organized in advance of your move and secure your most fragile belongings.
Bird's Moving vintage moving truck
For the month of September, we are celebrating our many years in Niagara, our history and why we celebrating our many years in Niagara, our history and why we are proud to be part of the local community!
Mover Resting on Boxes
Moving without the right vehicle, tools or experience can end up costing you more money than you anticipated and that is why we are here to tell you why hiring a professional moving company is worth it!
Moving Boxes in Front of Laundry
At Bird's moving, we respect our clients' wishes to do the bulk of the packing and moving on their own. in fact, we offer packing supplies to our customers to help them organize and move the contents of their home.
Woman Moving Plants Upstairs
Do you have a favourite potted plant or lemon tree that will be accompanying you on your move cross country or down the road? As a St. Catharines moving company, serving the entire Niagara region, we are dedicated to keeping our customers happy and their belongings safe. And, sometimes, that includes your plant babies!
Corporate Office Setting
If you own a business, you've probably devoted a lot of time and thought into making your workplace not only safe but also organized. Our team can organize, label and store your office equipment at our secure facility so that you can focus on growing your company. Learn about how you can make an office move more seamless for you and your team!
Woman Securing Her Toddler to Childseat in Car
Since moving is a big transition for parents and kids alike, your cross-country move will require you to think about how to best prepare not only your belongings, but also your family, for what
Truck Moving on Highway in Golden Hour
Moving to the big city? Make sure to be prepared so your inner city move is as seamless as possible! Learn more here on our blog.
Man Holding too Many Boxes
Although some last-minute mishaps are unavoidable, we believe that organization and a little preparation go a long way on moving day. Having a team of professionals by your side will help you face a variety unforeseen challenges with proven moving-day solutions.
Office Space Moving
The world has changed a lot since last January and workplaces are no exception. Many businesses have moved their operations to remote locations to keep their customers, employees and communities safe through this pandemic.