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A little pre-planning eases moving-day stress

A little pre-planning eases moving-day stress

If you are reading this blog and visiting the Bird’s Moving and Storage website, you likely already know that moving can be stressful.

We didn’t help a client yet who didn’t have questions, and at Bird’s, we have been operating as movers since 1933. With hundreds of clients every year, that’s a lot of questions! 

If it’s your first move, you are doing a smart thing: Searching for answers on our website will turn up the most commonly asked questions on our FAQ page, with the answers we hope will set your mind at ease. 

Our biggest challenge is to keep you from feeling stressed by getting the job done in an efficient way, while keeping down time to a minimum. Since local moves are charged by the hour, the more efficiently we work, the less it costs you!

How do we go about that?

We have a system, and it’s a pretty good one! We aim to prepare you as thoroughly as possible, before our crews even arrive at your home or office. If everything is ready as planned, our crews take over and make the magic happen.

To help you out, we even provide a countdown calendar, with tips for what to do as your move approaches, from six weeks away.

Perhaps the most commonly asked question we get during the planning stage is: “How will your crews keep my house clean during the move?”

We understand you have cleaned everything in preparation for moving; we know you don’t really want our dirty boots walking on your clean floors.

We handle this in a couple of ways: First, we lay down floor runners, which are made from a soft base layer and a cloth-like top layer. These runners are placed in the main pathways to help reduce the amount of clean up at the end of the move.

We also utilize the runners at destination as well to prevent any scuffing or scratching of your new floors!

If mud or dirt does get tracked inside at either end of the move, we carry basic cleaning equipment and can quickly wipe things down if needed.

Of course, our suggestion is not to do your final vacuuming until we have moved your goods out of the old home, so you can reach the corners and below-furniture spots that are now open. This ensures any dirt that did get by us is removed before you hand over your keys.

And that is how we keep your house clean!

We are standing by, ready to answer any other questions you might have! Our Bird’s Moving and Storage crews want you to have an efficient, clean, moving experience … with a little pre-move planning, you get just that, while leaving the stressful to a minimum!

For a free, no-strings-attached quote, give our office a call at 905-682-2646 or send us a message here! 

We’re Bird’s Moving & Storage: Settling Niagarans efficiently into new homes since 1933.