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Here Are some Tips for Optimizing Storage in Your New Space if You Are Downsizing

Garage Full of Items

There are many factors that can influence our decision to downsize our homes—a desire to save money, or to simplify our lives. Maybe you are considering retiring, or maybe you’ve just grown tired of the attachment to material objects. Whatever the reason may be, it is safe to say that this process is not always easy.

While it is easy to commit to the simplicity of your new life, the actuality of migrating to a smaller space is often anything but. You must decide what to hold onto, what to throw away—which can be more difficult that you might imagine. And sometimes, even the most meticulous planners find themselves in their new home with no place to put the few things they have held onto.

It is here that practical storage solutions come into play!

Here are some tips for maximizing storage in your new, smaller space:

Track shelving

When living in a tight space, you will want take advantage of all the surface area you can for storage purposes.

Track shelving is an excellent way to maximize wall storage. It is easy to install, super affordable, and can fit in any space, with adjustable shelves that allow for endless combinations so you can cram as much as you’d like in there—provided you pay attention to your shelf’s weight limits.

Over (and behind) door storage

Doors are another excellent place to add extra storage. There are many hanging racks and over-and-behind-door organizers currently on the market that are suitable to a variety of lifestyles and individual needs. These can be especially useful for shoes, accessories, and other items, making them great for closets and other enclosed spaces.

Under bed storage boxes

Under bed storage boxes and bins are perfect for maintaining bedroom tidiness and decluttering when storing smaller objects. These containers come in a range of shapes and sizes. Check out this list of the 7 best under bed storage containers from The Spruce!  

Consider downsizing further

If you find that you still have an overabundance of clutter, do the Marie Kondo. Ask yourself the question—does this spark joy? If it doesn’t consider donating it to a local charity or thrift store like Goodwill or The Salvation Army rather than sending them straight away to the landfill.

Explore short- and long-term storage options

Warehousing presents an accessible, cost-effective solution to living with clutter. For more than 30 years, Bird’s Moving and Storage has provided temporary, flexible storage solutions for clients in our 15,600 square foot warehouse.

Our storage facilities are meticulously clean and well-organized, monitored 24 hours a day, and protected by a state-of-the-art security system. Furthermore, our computerized tracking system allows us to keep an inventory of items which have been stored with us, and we perform a complete inventory of all items upon drop-off! 

So if you have an abundance of things with very little space, give us a call!

Bird’s Moving and Storage has served the Niagara Region’s moving, packing, and storage needs since 1933. If you have an additional storage-related questions, or to receive a quote, visit our website today!