Long Distance Moving

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Bird's Moving and Storage, through its membership with United Van lines, has been successfully and economically moving families anywhere in the world for many decades.

Wherever you are moving, across Canada, to the United States, or overseas, Bird's Moving and Storage has the experience and expertise to get you there in the most efficient way possible. We coordinate all of your move details with United Van Lines and other members to ensure a smooth relocation for your family.

Long distance moves are based on weight of items to be moved and the distance of your relocation. One of our experienced relocation consultants will perform a visual survey to determine the size of your shipment and provide you with a detailed estimate outlining all of the services and their cost.


United Container Service

A container is best visualized by dividing a moving van into compartments.  A United container is fully secured and loaded by trained professionals.This unique service is available on long distance moves traveling out of province and in excess of 500 miles. Please contact one of our professional moving consultants to discuss how this service may be of benefit on your move.

Bird's Moving & Storage Long Distance Moving 2


Your Choice

Moving by container provides some unique benefits over moving by traditional van.  Your United Moving Consultant will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision based on your move requirements.


Container History

In 1973, United Van Lines was the first van line in Canada to introduce a national container service.  Our container system represents an investment of over 20 million dollars by the Member companies of United Van Lines.  United's commitment to this innovative service has made us the leader in domestic container moving for over three decades.  Today we have over 1,400 containers moving across Canada and more than 50 container depots and storage sites to serve you.


Tracking and Control

Every United container is logged in our computer system.  Once a container is assigned to your shipment, it is monitored from start to finish by our Container Division to ensure we meet your delivery requirements.


We Build Our Own

We are committed to quality... so much so that we build and maintain our fleet of containers in a facility solely dedicated to this purpose.



Short term storage is available for up to 60 days at a low cost. Because we store your shipment in the containers, in which it was loaded, your personal belongings do not have to be unloaded into a warehouse and re-loaded on a van for delivery when your new home is ready. This means less handling and less chance of damage.


Flexible Delivery Options

United container service has the flexibility of offering you a delayed delivery for up to 30 days.


Exclusive Use Option

An Exclusive Use option is available for an extra charge.  Your possessions will be kept separate from other shipments in your own container.  Your Moving Consultant has more details about guaranteeing the Exclusive Use of a United container.


Making Your Decision

United has more containers and depots available than any other van line in Canada.  Whether your choose van or container service, our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures a successful move.