We offer the finest warehousing facilities to safely store and protect our customers household and personal belongings. For the past 30 years our 15,600 square feet of warehousing has been maintained in immaculate conditions by the same warehouseman. A complete alarm system protects our entire building and our compound is totally fenced in and secure.

Your household items will be placed into enclosed storage pallets. All furniture items will be padded using quilted blankets and placed into assigned pallets at our warehouse. A complete inventory is performed on your goods when they are brought into our warehouse for storage.

Storage Facilities

  • Meticulously clean and well organized
  • State of the Art security system
  • 24 Hour a day monitoring
  • Computerized Tracking system
  • Access available by appointment

Bird's Moving & Storage - Storage Services & Warehouse Facilities

Bird's Moving & Storage - Storage Facilities & Storage Pallets