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The 'Moving Appliances' Conundrum

Woman standing in kitchen with new appliances

Congratulations, you've sold your house and are ready to move into your new dream home. Now what?

You've Got A Lot More Than You Think

No matter how you spin it, moving everything you own from Point A to Point B can be time-consuming and expensive, and many homeowners struggle with what to keep and what to donate or send to the junkyard. When inquiring about an in home survey with your moving company, one of the first things they’ll ask is what size home you have – that will give them a rough idea of where to start and what your needs may be. Then they will set up a consultation to inventory your home, and derive that information into charges on their quotation. These guys are pros, so as long as your inventory doesn’t change too much, the quotes are normally quite accurate.

So, you decide to get rid of everything that doesn't "spark joy" in your house - but instead of focusing on dresses you'll never wear again, or old electronics, take a good look at your appliances. Do they spark the joy they should to earn their way into your new house?

To help, ask yourself these questions to decide whether moving your appliances is the right decision for you:

Are your appliances aging?

You may not want to move into your fabulous new house with a ratty old washing machine and dryer. If your existing dryer is electric and the new house is on gas, that's an easy call. If the power source is compatible, is the old hardware worth moving? If you've got the budget for new modern conveniences that are more energy efficient than the older models, smart technology can make everyday household chores (like laundry) a breeze.

What is the Usual Process for Appliances and Home Selling?

In most situations, selling your large appliances with your home is quite common. Assuming you are on the fence with gaining new appliances, including your old large appliances within the asking price of the home may be the best way to go!

Do the old appliances fit in the new spaces?

One thing you'll learn about moving is that a tape measure is as much a part of your life as your cell phone, and that you have dimensions for just about everything. Will your items fit in the new house? Newer homes are built for new appliances, so the depth of your old fridge could easily be four inches off the new cabinet depth, or the laundry has space for a stackable unit, and you have two giant boxes. If it’s not going to fit, that’s an easy call - just make sure you take all your measurements before purchasing new appliances to fit in the new space.

Now that you've got even more to think about, take some of the stress off yourself and call Bird's Moving and Storage. We've been in the moving business a long time, and will be your partner and advisor throughout the entire process - and we have lots of tape measures.