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Measure twice, pack once - right?

Measure twice, pack once - right?

When moving a home or a business to a new location, planning ahead makes the difference between a smooth moving day experience and one that travels the rocky road of disorganization.

Bird’s Moving and Storage experts know that for a corporate office planning a move, there are additional worries added for business owners: Security of sensitive information; packing of sensitive documents; handling of open files and our personal favourite – the safe and secure packing of IT-related items.

While our teams at Bird’s are well experienced in office moves as much as we are in residential moves, we know that for businesses handling sensitive information and specialty equipment (think big, like medical or manufacturing equipment), packing and planning offer a few unique difficulties.

Quite often, offices moving specialized equipment call for specialty movers to handle that end of things, while using Bird’s to accomplish the rest of the office move.

That’s OK with us; we’d rather our customers be happy with the efficient service they already know we provide. We have a reputation for successfully handling the logistics of large and complex office and commercial relocations; we have earned this through our services to Niagara companies, as a member of United Van Lines of Canada (since 1959 – although we have been in business since 1933!).

It’s pretty safe to say our system for planning and executing an office relocation is tried and true, meaning our customers receive efficient assistance in packing up, getting out, getting in and unpacking again, with as little company down time as possible. 

It’s extremely important for our customers to maintain productivity; that’s why our “planning ahead” phase is so important.

Our Bird’s Moving expert consultants will work with you and your staff to plan the entire process to suit your schedule. We can assist with packing and organization; provide packing materials; loan out bins, dollies and computer carts; answer questions as needed and provide a contact person who will be available for the duration of the planning and moving-day experience.

We’ll suggest techniques for organizing each floor, perhaps dividing it per a floor plan and labelling each box, bin and cart accordingly.

On actual moving day, we supply site supervisors throughout the move to ensure every part of the move is completed as efficiently as possible.

Sensitive material that may be handled by us will be packed to our customers’ specifications; sealed as necessary, and delivered to exact locations within the new facility, to be unsealed by our clients’ teams.

Any office material not immediately required can be safely and securely stored at Bird’s Moving’s warehouse, an enclosed compound where access can easily be provided, should our customers have the need. Later delivery can be arranged to suit our customer’s convenience.

Most of the time, the success of moving day lies in its details and prep work. For example, our trained staff can look after the removal and installation of any company decorations; clocks; signs; bulletin boards or other “soft” furnishings.

How nice it is, when your team arrives at work the next day, to see their familiar notes, signs and office decor … we want to make sure our customers feel right at home, the minute they walk into their new home.

Our goal is to give our clients as smooth a transition into full productivity in their new homes as is possible. To do this, we plan ahead for maximum organization and efficiency.

The only “rocky road” we want our clients to experience while moving is the kind sold in the freezer section at the grocery store.

To find out how Bird’s Moving and Storage experts can help your own office move go smoothly, give our experts a call at 905-682-2646. Or send us a message here!

We’re Bird’s Moving and Storage: Settling Niagara businesses efficiently into new locations since 1933.