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How to Pack for a Move Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Woman packing moving boxes in livingroom

We’re going to step out of the box a bit with this month’s blog! Have you ever wondered how your star sign affects your behaviour during times of change? Like, say, moving out of one home and into another?

Bird’s Moving has always provided the information you need to ensure a successful move—from packing tips to post-move management. This month, we’re still providing the same pro tips, but this time we’re looking to the stars for advice. Read on for insight into how your zodiac sign might affect your mood during moving day, and how to pack for a move!

A Moving Guide for Zodiac Enthusiasts

Aries: The hard-headed ram of the zodiac is more likely get impatient during the big move than people of other signs, so if you’re an Aries with a new home on the horizon, start planning and troubleshooting early. You may need to remind yourself that moving is a process, not a quick jump from one place to another. Expect the unexpected, and if you need to, hire help to pack your belongings get things done more quickly.

Taurus: Pack according to mood and start the move-in process by hanging your favourite pieces of art on the wall! Sure, it’s not the most obvious place to begin, but it sets the tone for the entire house or apartment—and it’s a lot more fun than setting up the bathroom! Start off on the right foot and remember not to get bogged down in the drudgery of unpacking. Just fit the boring stuff into a few 15-minute blocks between enjoyable projects.

Gemini: The dual nature of the Gemini might make it difficult for someone of this sign to stick to one plan and follow it through. For that reason, the entire process of choosing a new home could be prolonged—so once you’ve made your decision, don’t second-guess yourself. Go all-in, pack room by room, and remind yourself what you love about the new space, the new neighbourhood, the new job, etc.

Cancer: Cancers may experience undue emotional stress on moving day, which is why it’s a great idea for people of this sign to unpack the bedroom first. Creating a comforting, peaceful, private environment can help weary Cancer to re-centre and approach the next day at full capacity.

Leo: Members of this feisty fire sign are well-suited to life in the city. That’s why an apartment or townhouse is likely to be in your future if you were born between July 23 and August 22! The key to inhabiting smaller spaces is keeping clutter and unused belongings to a minimum. If you haven’t worn it in years, or if it’s been broken for longer than you can remember, get rid of it!

Virgo: Virgos are most likely to pack and unpack the kitchen first, as they are famous control freaks (in a good way) and the kitchen is the nerve centre of the household. If you’re a Virgo in a new home, feeling overwhelmed by piles of boxes, why not start with the refrigerator, cupboards, and kitchen drawers? All the possibilities for different organisation schemes will soon lull you into a pleasant mood.

Libra: For a feeling of control and normalcy, Libras should try to pack and organise their bedroom closets right away. Personal closets are often the first places to get out of control in terms of order, clutter, and overall cleanliness, so starting here gives an atmosphere of neatness and self care.

Scorpio: If you’re the kind of Scorpio with a meditation area in your home, or a special spot for your crystals and philosophy books, start there when setting up a new place to live! Doing so will help keep you grounded during a potentially nerve-wracking adventure and remind you that your home is what you make of it.

Sagittarius: The Sagittarius is an archer, which means that people born under this sign feel the need for a measure of control, and time to strategize. If you’re a Sagittarius on the move, take the time to consider the layout and design of your new place for a real sense of satisfaction and home. Set up your bookshelves and office right away!

Capricorn: Capricorn is another star sign whose members like to be focused and organised. If you were born between December 22 and January 19, chances are good that you’d love to get your home office put together as soon as those new house keys are in your hand. Go ahead! Not only will creating your new workspace be fun and rewarding, but it will keep you motivated for when it’s time to get back to the job.

Aquarius: People born under the water sign like to get right to the main event—and in the case of a new home, that’s the living room. If you find yourself floundering around a new apartment or house, unsure where to begin when it comes to unpacking, start there. Unpack and set up the entertainment centre, get the sofas at just the right angle, and things will start to make sense soon.

Pisces: For empathetic Pisces, the needs of others often come first. Whether for you that means your kids, your pets, or your elderly parents, we can bet you’ll have their rooms set up before your own. That’s fine! It makes you happy to know everyone has what they need—but try to get your own room put together as soon as you can. You need the comforts of home, too.  

Moving Day Tips

One of the most important moving day tips to remember is to start early. Fill your moving boxes carefully with clean items, stacking everything as neatly as possible. There’s nothing worse after a long day of moving than to unpack dirty, messy boxes!

Whatever your star sign, don’t let yourself get overwhelmed when moving day comes! Organise your big move and stay way ahead of the game with our Countdown Calendar, a moving day list which will help you progress towards the big day over the course of six weeks, from calling the electric company to taking down the curtain rods.

If you’re too busy to take care of every little thing that needs doing when you move house, get in touch! Professional movers at Bird’s Moving are happy to talk to you about your options and lessen the load, no matter where you are in the process of moving.