Moving in Together? Here's 5 Tips to Help
Are you thinking of moving in with your partner? Congratulations! Moving in together is a fun time of life. It can also be a stressful time of life. Here is 5 tips to help make the transition into cohabitation a seamless one.
So, you inherited your Granny's what?
Obviously, the piano will be an heirloom for your family...but how do you keep it safe until you have space to bring it home?
Moving far away? Let us help get your car out there too!
Do you need help moving a car from point A to point B? Bird's can give you a hand!
Word-of-mouth Advertising works
Reading testimonials and reviews for potential service providers can give consumers a good idea of whether they and the company will make a good team.
 Relocating an office? With Bird's Moving & Storage, no problem
Sound planning and efficiency are the secrets to a flawless office move.
Professional storage benefits far outweigh the costs
Why storing your family's belongings makes perfect sense.
People have stuff. Families, especially, have stuff.

For a variety of reasons, sometimes, your belongings need storage.

You might be moving, and want to declutter your home. You might be renovating or redecorating. You might be hosting a big party and want to store your furniture - or any reason under the sun that may require the convenience of having less items in your home.

Long Distance Move
The technicalities of a long-distance move.