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Getting Organized After the Move

Closet with organizers.

Congratulations on making it all the way through your move! You packed, you hauled, you stacked up boxes in your new house, then unstacked them to open, sort, and put away. Now that your home is completely unpacked, it feels pretty nice to have everything perfectly in its place, doesn't it? If only it would stay that way, but we know better. Like a pristine hotel room when you first enter, soon enough you'll have to take out and use your neatly folded clothes, your stacked dishes, and tidily stowed office supplies - then disorganization begins anew.

While we can't make magic happen, the Bird's Moving team does have a few tips to share about how to stay organized on-the-daily after your perfectly executed moving plan is complete. Here's how to keep your home organization as satisfyingly tidy as the day you finished unpacking:

Cube Storage - Use it, Tow It, Stow It

The first biggest tip we can give you is cube storage, or any other kind of portable-container storage solution. The problem with drawers and shelves is that you can't take them with you. Your drawer of office supplies winds up scattered over the dining room table every time you or a school-age child has a project. With a cube storage or portable cubby, you can grab a box of neatly organized supplies and tow it to wear you want to work. Then when you're done, everything goes back in the cube, and then back onto its shelf.

This is a great stop-gap measure for keeping surfaces clear and it works for all types of stuff for every age group. Kids can clean up toys easier with a cube as their portable toy hamper. Grownups can clean up gear, tools, and supplies of various types with the same ease. Just make sure your cubes are clearly labeled and always stay sorted onto themselves. We suggest colour-coding!

Clean-As-You-Go Philosophy

One of the number one best ways to keep your home clean is to never allow yourself to leave a mess behind. The trick is not to make a mess, then clean it up. Instead, your goal is to 'sweep away your footprints' as you go, like a ninja on the sand trying to make your mess disappear before it has a chance to 'give you away' (aka: make your house disorganized).

If you use a bowl in the kitchen, immediately drop it into the soaker sink (it does help to keep a sink full of soapy water on hand). If you use supplies for an art project, make sure your workspace is completely clear of those supplies the moment you rise from the chair. (Great time for cube storage!) Train yourself to tidy up so quickly that it's like your mess never existed in the first place. 

Tidy Up Before Bed - Wake in a Clean House

Finally, here's the advanced technique many a disorganized person has discovered after a move or two: If you clean when you're sleepy before bed, you'll wake up to a sparkling clean house. Everyone wants to wake up to a house that has been 'magically' cleaned, but you can do that for yourself. 

When you reach that before bed state where you're just shuffling around being sleepy, take this time to clean. Sleepily do the dishes and wipe down the counters. Sleepily fold some laundry and make sure there's nothing in the washer. Sleepily do a quick round with the broom or Swiffer, then brush your teeth and fall into bed. When you wake up, it will be like some helpful zombie cleaned your house! Every single day.


Want to keep your home organized and clean like the pristine beauty of just-moved-in perfection? These tips can help! Bird’s Moving is your St. Catharines moving company, dedicated to helping you before and during your move to achieve the most satisfying moving experience possible. For more tips, tricks, and assistance for a perfect move, contact us today.