Trusted Partners
Have you even seen those award-show speeches where the recipients thank a long list of people who have helped them achieve success? Well, that's exactly what we're about to do.
Moving Equipment
What comes to mind when you think of moving day? Is it frantic, last-minute packing? Maybe it's the excitement of a fresh start. An exceptional move is something that Bird's Moving and Storage can help you do with confidence.
Celebrating Our Canadian Heritage & The History of Our Moving Company
We're fortunate to be able to reflect on our many summers as your St. Catharines moving company. Bird's Moving and Storage has spent nearly a century helping members of our community move, pack, and create their own summer memories in and around Niagara.
Pallet Storage
When you're preparing to move into a new home,office, or even condo, you're hyper-focused on the destination. It's not until later that you realize your buyer gets possession of your place in two weeks,but your closing date isn't until next month ... oh, brother!
Moving Services Make it Better - Happy Holidays
Since 1933, Bird's Moving & Storage has proudly served residential and commercial customers moving across the state or overseas. We understand that moving can be tedious work and have provided support to our clients throughout their move.
Long Distance Moving Truck
Moving long distance adds new challenges to the whole moving experience. Fortunately, you're not alone in this endeavor. With the help of great movers and a plan in hand, you'll be able to move across the country or even across the globe successfully.
Packing Fragile Items
Moving can certainly be a lot of work, and it's even tougher when the things you're moving are delicate or fragile. Many belongings have sentimental value that far exceeds their price tag, and even with great insurance coverage there can be reasons to worry when you move.
Moving Checklist Pet Crate
Your pets sense the stress and excitement surrounding an impending move. A scratching post gets moved, a favourite chair disappears, and long leisurely walks have devolved into a quick spin around the block.
University Student Moving
Going to university for the first time is just about the most exciting time of your life - you get to live independently, away from your parents and siblings, and try your hand at 'adulting'. And you get to live this awesome new life in a room that's roughly, maybe, 130 square feet - shared with (hopefully) your new best friend.
Closet with organizers.
While we can't make magic happen, the Bird's Moving team does have a few tips to share about how to stay organized on-the-daily after your perfectly executed moving plan is complete. Here's how to keep your home organization as satisfyingly tidy as the day you finished unpacking.