Modern white shelf with storage baskets
Maximize your living space! You haven't been dealt a bad card with your small home or apartment - it's what you make of it. In this blog, we'll explore practical and creative solutions for optimizing storage space in small homes and apartments.
The Do's and Don'ts of Self-Storage
As a moving and packing company based in St. Catharine's, Bird's Moving knows the Do's and Don'ts of self-storage. This blog will help you decide what belongings you should and should never pack away.
Get crafty with packing materials
Use the soft items in your home to pack up breakables when boxing them up for moving day.
Moving your business is our business
Reducing dreaded down time during your office move.

You just heard your office is relocating, but there are several big projects on the go.

How, you are wondering, will you and your team manage to get everything packed and moved and unpacked, while keeping clients happy and minimizing down time?
Congratulations on the big move!
You've found the home of your dreams. Now, you just need a moving company to get you there in one piece. Easy, hassle-free moving.