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Tips for Moving into Your University Dorm

University Student Moving

Going to university for the first time is just about the most exciting time of your life - you get to live independently, away from your parents and siblings, and try your hand at ‘adulting’. And you get to live this awesome new life in a room that's roughly, maybe, 130 square feet - shared with (hopefully) your new best friend. 

traditional room at Brock University, for example, has room for a couple twin beds, desks and chairs, and built-in closets and drawers. Here's the sad truth -dorm room depictions on TV aren't realistic - in real life there's not enough room for a wild party in your pad.

Start Planning Your Move NOW

Since your space is so limited, you've really got to put some thought into what you take with you to university, and how you're going to store and organize it. Here are three moving tips for university students on how to maximize your space and still have everything you want in your room - probably all within reach. 

Give yourself plenty of time to shop, sort, organize, and pack. If you've got a guest room at home, that's a great spot for Packing Central. If not, take over a corner of the family room or even the garage, and keep all your going-away stuff in one spot. 

Line up clear storage bins in different sizes and fill them up as you go. Organize them according to use. 

  • Linens and towels - two sets of sheets, three of towels
  • Blankets - Canadian winters are cold and college dorms are not known for great temperature control
  • Winter coats, hats, scarves, and boots
  • Sports equipment - shin guards, hockey gloves and helmets, swim goggles - keep them all in one big bin
  • Art supplies
  • Out of season clothes
  • Shoes and boots you don't wear every day
  • Books 

Coordinate with Your Roommate

The temptation to order one of everything from back-to-school websites like Amazon is great, but before you click add to cart, stop and do two things: 1) Work out with your roommate what you want in your room, and 2) divvy up the buying. If you're totally green and recycle everything, you're not going to volunteer to buy the Keurig. Let the roomie do that and you can invest in reusable drip cups. And then you offer to buy the microwave. 

This is the time to figure out how you want to decorate your room. There are actually dorm room decorators (check them out on Pinterest), but most students can manage on their own, with a bit of help from the moms. While you envision a sleek space with minimal clutter and plain walls, your roomie might want lots of throw pillows and all her keepsake collages displayed. This is a great time to try out adulting, while you navigate together on how to share your space.

What You Really Need to Pack, Besides the Obvious

  • Sufficient Technology - make sure your computer has enough memory, and you have extra chargers. It's not a bad idea to back your computer up before you leave home. If you bring a printer, don't forget replacement ink. 
  • Flash drives
  • Coffeepot, microwave, dorm fridge - sometimes you just don't feel like going to the dining hall or have the late-night munchies - and you need a place to keep cold pizza. 
  • Alarm clock (battery operated) - if your power or internet goes out, you still have to get to class.
  • Bed risers - they create tons of storage space.
  • Bedrest pillow - these are the ones that prop you up and have armrests
  • Water bottles - reusable water bottles are green and easy to clean
  • Insurance card, copies of other documents, passwords
  • Desk lamp
  • Window Fan - dorms can get stuffy, even on cool days

Start your university moving to-do list and plan early. If you need help with packing supplies or moving, let Bird's Moving lend a hand. We've been helping move students to university and first apartments in the St. Catharines area for years, contact us today.