Secure storage facility with packed moving box being lifted by forklift.
Selling your house is great news, and a huge stress off your mind - but if your new house isn't ready yet, there are new stresses to deal with. Fortunately, Bird's Moving and Storage is here to help you through the entire process - packing, moving, and storage.
Woman preparing list and packing boxes for move.
Did your home sell more quickly than you expected? Were you reluctantly putting a For Sale sign up, not really anticipating any interest until the spring market hit? You've got to move fast, literally, to make the transition a smooth one.
Packed moving boxes labelled 'Fragile, Handle with Care'
You found the perfect house and can't wait to move in! Rather than having the stress of moving lie solely on your shoulders, seek the help of a professional moving company.
Happy Holidays from Bird's Moving
For 85 years, Bird's Moving has been happy to provide moving, storage, and packing services to the wonderful people of Niagara. We are incredibly grateful to all our clients, current and past.
Customer greeting a moving service consultant at the door.
When you're planning a big move, it can be surprisingly difficult to pin down your exact moving costs and build your budget. Not only is it all-too-easy to underestimate the costs of travel from one home to the next, many people allow themselves to be blindsided by moving service costs.
Box with dishes wrapped in packing materials
Packing materials are a major component to any move. When you're planning your move in Niagara, you can rely on Bird's Moving and Storage to provide you with premier packing services.
The Clear Choice for Professionals at Brock University
As a professional, you should rely only on professionals to help with your moving day. Brock University has chosen to work with Bird's Moving for their professional moving needs.
But My Floors!
When you're moving, one thing it's easy to forget in the rush to properly pack and protect all your personal items is taking care of the floors.
Oh Canada! A Cross Country Move
Moving isn't always the exciting prospect it appears to be when you first make the decision. There's a lot of work involved. Bird's Moving and Storage has the ability to help you with all of the components involved in a cross-country move.
Measure twice, pack once - right?
Planning ahead is the secret to an efficient office relocation.