Packing Fragile Items
Moving can certainly be a lot of work, and it's even tougher when the things you're moving are delicate or fragile. Many belongings have sentimental value that far exceeds their price tag, and even with great insurance coverage there can be reasons to worry when you move.
Moving Checklist Pet Crate
Your pets sense the stress and excitement surrounding an impending move. A scratching post gets moved, a favourite chair disappears, and long leisurely walks have devolved into a quick spin around the block.
University Student Moving
Going to university for the first time is just about the most exciting time of your life - you get to live independently, away from your parents and siblings, and try your hand at 'adulting'. And you get to live this awesome new life in a room that's roughly, maybe, 130 square feet - shared with (hopefully) your new best friend.
Closet with organizers.
While we can't make magic happen, the Bird's Moving team does have a few tips to share about how to stay organized on-the-daily after your perfectly executed moving plan is complete. Here's how to keep your home organization as satisfyingly tidy as the day you finished unpacking.
Man working on flipping a house
Flipping your house? Don't flip out! Going through the, sometimes long, process of flipping your home to get it ready to sell can certainly test the strength of your sanity. If you're starting your house flipping project, we have a few tips to help you breeze through your renovations.
Woman creating moving checklist
At Bird's Moving and Storage, we're here to help you through the entire moving process. To assist with your planning, we've provided a moving checklist to make your move go smoothly so you won't miss a beat!
Woman standing in kitchen with new appliances
Congratulations, you've sold your house and are ready to move into your new dream home. Now what?
Secure storage facility with packed moving box being lifted by forklift.
Selling your house is great news, and a huge stress off your mind - but if your new house isn't ready yet, there are new stresses to deal with. Fortunately, Bird's Moving and Storage is here to help you through the entire process - packing, moving, and storage.
Woman preparing list and packing boxes for move.
Did your home sell more quickly than you expected? Were you reluctantly putting a For Sale sign up, not really anticipating any interest until the spring market hit? You've got to move fast, literally, to make the transition a smooth one.
Packed moving boxes labelled 'Fragile, Handle with Care'
You found the perfect house and can't wait to move in! Rather than having the stress of moving lie solely on your shoulders, seek the help of a professional moving company.