Moving Furniture
Remember that vintage sofa you bought? It really tied the room together. But, now that you're moving, you're worried that you might have to leave that fantastic piece behind!
Pallet Storage
When you're preparing to move into a new home,office, or even condo, you're hyper-focused on the destination. It's not until later that you realize your buyer gets possession of your place in two weeks,but your closing date isn't until next month ... oh, brother!
Packing Tape
As you clutch onto your "World's Best Boss" mug, you try to envision an office move that makes you worthy of such a title.
Office moving has its own set of concerns: there's the added pressure of clients, projects, meetings, and daily operations to consider.
Reading Moving Info
We know that the moving process can be a bit cryptic and confusing; so, if you're feeling befuddled by packing boxes, look no further than Bird's Moving and Storage.
Professional Movers
You've done the research: You've scoured the internet and read just about every one of those "best questions to ask before choosing a moving company" lists. You figured out what to ask before hiring the movers (that's us!), so let us help you to keep asking the right questions after you've finalized the moving date.
Moving Services Make it Better - Happy Holidays
Since 1933, Bird's Moving & Storage has proudly served residential and commercial customers moving across the state or overseas. We understand that moving can be tedious work and have provided support to our clients throughout their move.
Long Distance Moving Truck
Moving long distance adds new challenges to the whole moving experience. Fortunately, you're not alone in this endeavor. With the help of great movers and a plan in hand, you'll be able to move across the country or even across the globe successfully.
Packing Fragile Items
Moving can certainly be a lot of work, and it's even tougher when the things you're moving are delicate or fragile. Many belongings have sentimental value that far exceeds their price tag, and even with great insurance coverage there can be reasons to worry when you move.
Moving Checklist Pet Crate
Your pets sense the stress and excitement surrounding an impending move. A scratching post gets moved, a favourite chair disappears, and long leisurely walks have devolved into a quick spin around the block.
University Student Moving
Going to university for the first time is just about the most exciting time of your life - you get to live independently, away from your parents and siblings, and try your hand at 'adulting'. And you get to live this awesome new life in a room that's roughly, maybe, 130 square feet - shared with (hopefully) your new best friend.